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Career Opportunities


  • Are you interested in a net worth increase of at least $2 million?
  • Are you a successful entrepreneur?
  • Do your skills and interests fit the M & A middle market?
  • Do you you have the requisite academic credentials?
  • Do you have experience in one of the following industries:

– Transportation                                    – Health Care
– Information Technology                    – Food
– Manufacturing                                    – Energy


  • Value Proposition:  Maximum compensation for successful entrepreneurial M & A professionals in the lower middle market.
  • Chapman Associates was founded in 1954.
  • Our M & A professionals have closed over 2,300 transactions with Chapman.

Chapman will consider professionals with annual income goals in excess of $500,000.  If you are interested in a rewarding career, send your curriculum vitae to:

Contact information
Joe W. Denny
Chapman Associates
1100 East Woodfield Road, Suite 434
Schaumburg, IL 60173

Tel: 847.884.0010
Fax: 847.884.0218