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Our Ethics

We pride ourselves on the way we do business. Each professional in our firm has pledged to abide by the following code of ethics.

  • We will not make any promises, verbal or written, that we can not or will not live up to.
  • We will never deliberately withhold important facts or intentionally mislead either a buyer or a seller, regardless of which side we represent.
  • We will respect the confidentiality of every client’s proprietary information.
  • We will never knowingly misrepresent the market value of a seller’s company in order to a) secure a mandate to sell the company or b) encourage a client to accept an offer for his company.
  • We will present the seller with all offers received prior to the closing of a transaction.
  • We will disclose to a client any and all facts known to us which may have a material affect on the value of the business.
  • We will disclose to the client the nature and extent of any interest that Chapman and/or one of our professionals has or expects to acquire as a result of the sale.
  • We will not make false or unsupported representations about the nature and/or condition of either a buyer or a seller’s business.
  • We will represent our client’s best interests at all times and to the utmost of our ability.

We are proud of our position on these issues and want you to know where we stand.