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Making a Market – Middle Market Acquisitions Professionals

Since 1954 Chapman Middle Market Acquisitions Professionals have worked to create an environment where millions of confidential communications pertaining to the sale and acquisition of various middle market businesses are maintained in a one of a kind infrastructure. There is a proprietary focus on Transportation, IT, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Food, and Energy companies.

Time-tested unique processes are utilized to retrieve relevant confidential information and access spontaneous market data that is widely dispersed. Industry knowledge, legal, financial and interpersonal skills are also critical to make a market. Chapman Professionals have closed more than 2,300 successful middle market transactions. Selling values are generally in the $5 to $100 million range.

Making a market requires thousands of hours of work as well as material capital expenditures. Chapman procedures are in compliance with relevant fiduciary duties.

Contact Chapman to arrange a confidential no cost assessment of your objectives vis-à-vis the market.