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Our Fee Policy

How is Chapman Associates different?

First, unlike many firms in our industry, we generally do not charge up-front fees. If a company is profitable and meets our basic listing requirements, our fee policy determines we do not charge an upfront fee or retainer. While some firms charge $30,000 or more for a “valuation” or “marketing retainer”, we believe M&A professionals should only get paid when they deliver results.

Because we invest our time and resources to help clients sell their companies, we are very selective about the companies we represent. We only accept a limited number of assignments per year. We are so confident of our ability to deliver the results you seek that we work primarily on a contingent fee basis. If we believe we can sell your company, we are prepared to invest our time, money, and resources to make that happen.

Second, our total commissions are generally lower than comparable M&A firms. Because we are selective about the companies we take to market, buyers respect the quality of these companies and the value they represent. This translates into faster closings and higher selling prices which is good for you and good for us. This efficiency enables us to keep our total fees lower than our competition.

Third, a very high percentage of our buy side corporate development services are provided on a contingent fee basis. Our Managing Directors or our corporate office will be happy to discuss our individually designed programs as well as Biz Mart℠ with you.