Mark Hofer
Managing Director

Mark HoferMark Hofer joined Chapman Associates following a 28-year career in technology and has been engaged directly in 35+ corporate mergers, acquisitions and divestitures over the course of that career. Although much of that experience was with startups and middle market tech companies, Mark has also participated in a Fortune 100 merger. In tech, Mark;s M&A experience covers software, hardware, and technology services.

A lifelong technologist, his background in Cyber Security, Engineering and Enterprise Architecture has given him a vast array of experience where the business of M&A intersects with the bits and bytes of running a successful tech company. Mark has served as a technical advisor for key business, legal, due-diligence, regulatory compliance and financial decision makers, in matters where the technology itself is what was being bought and sold. Understanding how the technology works, down to the minute engineering details, is a key aspect to understanding whether a technology company is a good candidate to be bought or sold.

Mark studied Business Administration and Communications at The University of Texas at Austin. His engineering and professional certifications were earned through private technical training over the course of his career. He has enjoyed professional engagements in diversity and inclusion training/recruiting and security pro-bono consulting for non-profit organizations. In his spare time, he enjoys gardening, cooking, anything outdoors, and world travel.

Industry practice groups:

  • Information Technology
  • Transportation

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