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Chapman Associates has announced the sale of Professional Document Systems, Inc., a Document Management Solutions company, to Terralogic, Inc., a leading technology solution provider. Matt Bowman, President of Professional Documents Systems states, "We started our company 25 years ago and have run it independently ever since, so the sale of our company was not only an important milestone for Claudia and I personally, but also for our dedicated team. Our objective was to receive the best value for our company while ensuring that our employees would have a platform for continued growth and stability. In addition, it was important to have our clients continue to experience the excellent customer service levels that they have come to expect. Bill Vinck from Chapman and Associates worked tirelessly to ensure that our objectives were met while also being sensitive to the objectives of Terralogic Inc. As our advisor, he understood the importance of finding solutions that would not jeopardize the deal, that would provide value to us as well as Terralogic, and that would maintain harmonious relationship between all parties post-closing."

The deck is being reshuffled; how can a business owner stack the deck to their advantage?
by Graham Morrison, Managing Director, Chapman Associates

M&A and Digital Transformation
by William C. Vinck, Managing Director, Chapman Associates

Selling Your Company after 2017 Tax Reform
by Mark Lee Mroczkowski, Managing Director, Chapman Associates

On 22 December 2017, United States (US) President Trump signed into law the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (the Act) following passage in the House and Senate earlier that week.  The new law and a number of other factors will make 2018 an ideal time to sell a business.  Click here for the full story.

How tax reform will boost middle market M&A